README before submitting any Application Form

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README before submitting any Application Form

Message par Xtendz le 7/9/2014, 19:19

- For all staffing requests the subject of the post will be in the form: Username [Class]
- For grouped request thank you mp an officer.

Open to all classes named this Page
Rune 7 Minimum
Lvl 65

- Try to be original and to make an effort on spelling.
- Any written request made in SMS language or in a hurry will not be processed.
- Thank you to provide at least the following information in the message:

- Nickname
Please note you must apply with the personal you want to play. The side players will be taken once full blue (a condition not to penalize the guild) or if you have more keys.
- Class and spec
-Put The build
- Level
- Runes
- Crafts (s)
- Do you have alts? (If so, nickname and lvl)
- Why apply in Battleaxe
- Have you ever had a guild? If yes which one
- Do you own a microphone and / or a helmet?
- Stuff / unlocked area

- Age
- Availability
- Other information that could interest us, we do not see interest ^^.



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